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Located just south of Randolph, WI, the Lost Lake - Randolph Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of local history and the education of future generations.

Preserving St. Mary's Church

The society was formed in 2001 by concerned citizens seeking to preserve the old St. Mary's Church at Lost Lake. With the financial support of more than 200 people we were successful, and on April 15, 2002 this became the official home of the Lost Lake - Randolph Historical Society.

We immediately set to making necessary repairs and preparing the space for museum exhibits.  We now house substantial displays and information on one-room schools, cheese factories, area farming, and the Randolph Fire Department. Our special exhibits include an extensive model train set, antique clothing and hats, military uniforms, a vintage kitchen, and natural history items previously displayed at Nature Land. We are also home to the Randolph Advance newspaper archives. We continue to these exhibits.

In 2010 we completed the restoration of the Lost Lake School after it was moved to our property. (See our Lost Lake School page for photos.) In 2016, we moved the Sunlit One-room School to the museum property and completed the restoration of this building in 2017 to allow for more exhibit space, particularly for historical agricultural items.

Each year we add more to our museum, preserving artifacts and sharing the knowledge of how our local community was shaped by people and events.

st mary-s church 1908-u125316-fr4
St. Mary's Church modern 2

Lost Lake One-Room Schoolhouse

Agricultural Building Exhibit

The Lost Lake One-Room School was moved to the society property in 2009 and underwent extensive repairs and restoration. The building now is a replica of what the one-room school looked like when it was in use between 1876 and 1953. It is one of our most popular exhibits.

In 2016, the Sunlit One-Room School located at the corner of Concord Road and County Road CC was moved to the society property to serve as additional exhibit space to mainly highlight our agricultural history. The old school had been used for many years as a farm building. Extensive repairs as well as lean-to style additions on each side were completed in 2016 and 2017.

Our Board

The Society's Board of Directors is elected annually by the membership. They are responsible for managing the Society's assets and plans.

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Pastor Straseske

Vice President

Deb Bradley


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Lost Lake - Randolph Historical Society

The Lost Lake - Randolph Historical Society is one of thirteen local historical societies in Dodge County, Wisconsin. Our mission is to preserve our unique local history and be an educational resource for the community.

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